Holiday Gift Ideas!

November 28, 2007

Here’s my list of environmentally conscious gift ideas for the holidays.

1. Buy someone a tree.

2. Give out reusable shopping bags.

You can find them at Shaw’s for one or two dollars.

I like the nylon Baggu bags. $22 for three (yikes!)


Or if you’re feeling creative, bike to a craft store and find blank canvas bags to decorate yourself.

3. Reusable Bottles/Cups

Discourage the use of water bottles and paper coffee cups…

Nalgen (Hard plastic)

Kleen Kanteen (Aluminum)

4. Donate to a charity in someones name.

International Medical Corps

Partners In Health

Environment Northeast

5. Offset someones carbon emissions.

Carbon Counter

Cool Driver

Carbon Fund

Other things to keep in mind:

Use recycled wrapping paper:  newspaper, old magazines,  paper bags, etc.

Buy locally and consciously. More lists-

Conscious Consumer Marketplace

Eco Shopper


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