Young@ Heart

April 16, 2008

I have a growing interest in the senior population thanks to the Human Development class I’m taking this semester, which focuses on adulthood and aging. The highlight of the class so far was last Friday when my professor showed us a news clip highlighting an upcoming documentary about the Young@ Heart chorus group. The group consists of men and women age 72 to 88 who are still passionate about singing and performing.

Bob Climan started the group in 1982 at an elderly housing project in Northampton, Massachusetts. Since then they have lost quite a few members but are still going strong, touring around the U.S. and Europe. Young@ Heart has covered rock classics such as “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones and have performed “Road to Nowhere” with lead singer David Byrne from The Talking Heads

The documentary, Young@ Heart opens in Boston this Friday (April 18th) and across the country by May 16th. Click here to find out when it is opening in your city.

Coolidge Corner Theater- Brookline

2:30PM 4:45PM 7:00PM 9:10PM

AMC Loews Harvard Square 5- Cambridge

1:45PM, 4:20PM, 6:50PM, 9:30PM

ABC Nightline Video can be found here (link).

More videos and info about the documentary can be found here (link).


One Response to “Young@ Heart”

  1. I needed to tell you how in love I am with this group. This is especially beautiful because we live in a culture in which the elderly are unrepresented and underappreciated (something I feel is especially true in pop music – how often does a a musician over 40 have a strong presence in mainstream music?) and here there is finally a voice. I can’t thank you enough for introducing myself – and hopefully many other people – to this chorus. And I absolutely must see this movie with you if you haven’t already.

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