Road trip west: Day Four

September 3, 2009


Day Four

Spent the morning driving around Oklahoma City and ended up at a local place, Jimmy’s Egg, for some southern breakfast. We first ran in to Route 66 on our way out of the city but decided we would have to drive i-40 if we were ever going to make it to New Mexico.

route 66 museum

We ended up detouring off of 40 to check out the mother road, specifically the Route 66 museums. There were two. Along the way we also went through some strange deserted towns such as Shamrock, TX and passed the largest cross in the Western hemisphere.


We stopped in Amarillo, Texas for a late lunch and found a great mexican restaurant, Ruby Tequila’s. There we shared a “Dos Rita”: frozen margarita with a bottle of beer dumped in (literally upside down sticking out of the glass).



One Response to “Road trip west: Day Four”

  1. Jared said

    That cross is massive. It’s kind of creepy.

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