Inspired: William Pope.L

January 12, 2010

From the “Failure Drawings” series by Pope.L

“Timing is very important in performance. One of the most difficult gifts to give a new performer is the gift of being in the moment without judgment. Or better said, where judgment is so fluid it does not feel or seem like you’re deciding, you just do it – you act with a certainty and confidence that no matter what you do it’s okay – with technique – sensing right action with judgment. But it does not function as a barrier, more like a sieve. This technique, or way, or strategy is difficult to describe. Once you do it once or twice you know the feeling and you strive for that balance.

Many performers believe to succeed they must know everything about a subject. However, learning occurs within a context of strategic absence. Knowing anything fully, that is perfectly, can prevent a real grasp of knowledge. Ignorance can be caused by what we do know as well as what we do not. It is when a person knows only partially that they have the opportunity to gain their own knowledge as well as respect for the adventure of acquiring it. Failure and trial and error are a necessary part of this process. Knowledge is a lie if one does not understand it is always provisional.”

Selections taken from Notes from the CEO [of Black Factory]

Read the complete notes:


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