Grand Canyon

April 5, 2010

Ended up having Saturday off so we took a road trip out to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. We left Friday after work and met my parents, who happened to be in Arizona. We stayed two nights with them in the park and left before sunrise on Sunday morning.

Looking to save some money? Get a job at a National Park:


4 Responses to “Grand Canyon”

  1. Janet Kepner said

    Gorgeous pictures! That place is so absolutely gorgeous! Mind boggling! Makes one really believe in a supreme being of some sort. It doesn’t look like you encountered much snow. When we were there the middle of April we couldn’t get to the North Rim because of snow. So glad that you are getting to see that part of the country. Very unique.

  2. Janet Kepner said

    They are always looking for people to work at the National Parks. We met people in Maine & Florida who were retired & they volunteered at National Parks mvoing across country with the weather!! They got free parking for the huge RV’s that they live in & it was a great way to see the Parks.

  3. Steve Carr said

    Check out the for some wild Grand Canyon stories by someone whol lived there for many years.

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