Autism Awareness Month

April 6, 2010

Learn more about Autism:

Participate in an event:

Check out a movie:

Know the work of Temple Grandin:


5 Responses to “Autism Awareness Month”

  1. Susy said

    thought provoking, I’m so glad you have this blog so you can share with us many things to learn about difabilities

  2. Thank you so much for the posting. I shall do what I can to help. I love your photographs and look forward to going over them again.

  3. Interesting read. Ive bookmarked your blog for futher study

  4. I am a nurse who has a son with autism spectrum disorder. My new blog: ( will be up 02-01-2011. My blog will be family friendly and focus on budget friendly effective ways to: help nurture the child (person) with autism talents (we know they have many), so they may be mainstreamed successfully into society. My blog will have a “dear Cheryl” column, so we can get the answer to all our autism questions (the heart). So, Feb 01-2011, join me at: ( or email me in advance with your questions/comments at:

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