April 12, 2010

Took advantage of my Sunday morning by going to the Albuquerque Art and History Museum. Admission is free every Sunday before 1pm. Their featured exhibition is Albuquerque Now: Winter, which features a range of work by 101 local artists, including Jaune Quick-to-See Smith and Judy Chicago.

My favorite piece in the exhibit was “Vanish” (2007) by Albuquerque-based artist, Mary Tsiongas.

“Using green screen effects, a figure is superimposed on a landscape painting by Albert Bierstadt. The figure interacts with and appears to digitally manipulate the painting. This piece explores time, as well as a historical space between painting and digital media as well as a space between our romanticization and domination of the wild.”

Watch the video and check out the rest of Tsiongas’ work on her website: http://www.marytsiongas.com/

This piece immediately reminded me of an old painting in my parent’s basement that has a light box behind it. Anyone know what they’re called? I can’t figure it out.


2 Responses to “ABQ Now”

  1. kseverny said

    thats a beautiful painting

  2. Janet Kepner said

    Lovely picture! Very interesting. I do know what those light are called but…the name escapes me at the moment!! Old Age, I guess! Thanks for sending us these lovely pictures! Hope to see you before too long!

    Grandma Kepner

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