Air Travel

April 26, 2010

My favorite part of flying is entertaining myself with the magazines provided in the seat back pocket.

First I flip through Spirit Magazine (on Southwest) until I get to the crossword puzzle. I will then spend about half of the flight attempting to solve it with minimal peeks at the answer key. When I finish (or become too frustrated to go on), I try the Sudoku pages, usually giving up on the medium puzzle.

SkyMall is the highlight, though. There’s always something that sends me into silent giggles. This trip it was the Face Trainer, Sling Couture Face Mask, and a head massager. Every flight, I make sure to look for the SkyRest Travel Pillow, which pictures a man who looks EXACTLY like my dad.

I secretly believe that my dad had a brief stint as a SkyMall model, which would also explain why my parents have so many skymiles.


One Response to “Air Travel”

  1. Janet Kepner said

    I do the same thing!!!Amazing! We don’t fly often but….when we do that’s the first thing I do….go to the Airline book! I am always very upset whwen someone else has already done them & not taken the book with them so that the fllght crew can put a new one out!

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