November 30, 2011

last sunday a friend and i drove up to gujo, a small mountain town about an hour north of gifu city. i’ve wanted to go ever since i found out that the plastic food samples that are in nearly every restaurant window were invented here. and apparently, it’s still where 80 percent of the samples in japan are made.

so, the first thing we did was go to the food replica shop. there we were able to make tempura (shrimp, pepper and pumpkin) and a lettuce leaf.  it’s incredible how real they look. we spent a few hours walking around, checking out the small side streets and the tea ceremony museum. we drove up to gujo-jo just as the sun was going down.




6 Responses to “gujo”

  1. So lovely! Would love to go to Japan sometime. Not sure it will happen but fun to “dream”. So very glad that you are able to take advantage of a “job” there & enjoy the country.

  2. Andy V. said

    I saw a special on “How It’s Made” about plastic fake food just the other day! I also drove by your house in Hamden during Thanksgiving. It looks like you are having a great time!

    – Andy

  3. Sean said

    If you’re still here next summer, you should go back for their all-night dance festival.


  4. derbysu said

    wow, the architecture and the mountains, breath taking…cute boots

  5. Monica said

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Beautiful!!

  6. Julie T. said

    Hope you are having a great time over there. I wish we could come visit with you. Take care.

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