bali ikimashita!

November 30, 2012


in october i joined the teachers at my company on a trip to bali. we stayed in kuta, the busiest spot on the island, where swarms of tourists come to surf and drink bintang.

so, my first day was spent on the beach, avoiding motorbikes and local salesmen while swimming and getting a crazy sunburn. the day culminated with a massage and a fancy dinner. the following days were just as extravagant. we traveled inland to ubud to do yoga and check out museums and then back to the coast in sanur to do more yoga and hang out on the beach. ii ne!


miyuki, yoga barn in ubud, art museum puri lukisan in ubud, driveby statues, example of balinese painting style, the beach in sanur, yoga studio in sanur, sunset on kuta beach, more art museum, the remains of a street shop


3 Responses to “bali ikimashita!”

  1. mom said

    So glad you had the opportunity to go…the yoga hut is awesome…and the beaches…
    I want to go!

  2. Monica said

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy.

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