a brief stop in goa

July 2, 2013

Goa was full of rain so we walked around covered markets and ate sweets on dirty porches. Spent a morning sitting in a diner writing beat poetry and drinking chai; the afternoon hanging around the bus yard snapping photos and giving away fruit; the evening eating cashews and listening to radio on the overnight bus to Bangalore.

color coordinated beauty and beasts of trash canned heat-

wave[ing] hello, mrs. “give me your money”.

funny. faces stare. glare. blare their horns.

keep moving ON. electric switches OFF.

stillness in chaos. choas in stillness. and restart.



3 Responses to “a brief stop in goa”

  1. Mom said

    Catchy names on buses. Noticed one wiper,
    only on some. The colors are brilliant disipite
    the wear and tear, dirt and grime. Peppers!
    So many peppers! Amazing through your words
    and eyes.

  2. Vikki said

    Thanks you for including me. Toooo cool.

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