into the wild, sorta

August 8, 2013

Hopped in Romey’s car early one morning and ventured into the nearby forests to find some dirty elephants. We drove for about an hour or so, stopping in a seemingly random neighborhood off the main road. We walked down a path, spotting large, wet clumps of hay (elephant poop) and eventually, the river where one elephant was being coaxed (to put it nicely) into the water. Three other elephants were led past us, each waiting their turn to be bathed. It was amazing to see them so close and feel their energy, but also a bit heartbreaking. Soon after another group of foreigners charged by us with their cameras and as it started raining we decided it was time to leave.

After breakfast and chai, we made our way deeper into the forest, stopping to take pictures of every waterfall we came across. We also saw miles of rubber trees (pictured below), and had a near death experience hanging out under a monkey infested jack fruit tree (also pictured below).

Lunch was arranged and waiting for us at a woman’s house on the way back to town. She cooked us a feast of curries (veggie, chicken and beef), chutneys, rice and papad. It was delicious. After some chatting, we piled back in the car and headed home.


3 Responses to “into the wild, sorta”

  1. trawlerowner said

    Wonderful pictures..fabulous memories for you.

  2. derbysu said

    How were the elephants treated? Do you know how they process rubber?

  3. derbysu said

    I love the birdseye view of the lunch dishes

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