May 28, 2016

feinkostalleythreewoodsviewpicnic2picnictowertreeantiourguidecherrycherry2flectionkidswithsticks copytreebigbuildingtaxstation


2 Responses to “leipzig”

  1. trawlerowner said

    WOW!!! What an amazing “life’s journey” you are having!! Back to beautiful Germany! We have been to many foreign countries but, definitely, not as many as you have!! Would love to see you the next time you are back in the USA. We realize that your family is no longer in CT BUT you are welcome here anytime! Keep on keeping on & do as much as you can while you are young! Having just celebrated my 80th birthday yesterday & with Mr. K’s health issues (although, he is doing fantastically well), our long travel days are over BUT we feel so glad to have seen as much of the rest of the world as we have! You, certainly, have us beat though!
    Stay in touch – we love seeing your beautiful photos!!

  2. trawlerowner said

    SOME of the places we have been for various “vacations”: All 50 States of the US. Much of Canada. Parts of interior Mexico, Panama Canal Cruise from Acapulco, MX – stop in Nicaragua- to San Juan, PR. New Zealand (both Islands), Australia (Cairns -Brisbane including the Barrier Reef & Sydney by campervan for our 50th Anniversary – (47 days); China – Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing & Shanghai area. Several Caribbean cruises East & West & Leeward & Windward Islands. Austria. Hungary. Romania. Germany. Holland. Italy. Charlie was in Norway & Sweden when he was in the Navy but I have not been there…sigh! Maybe a few more places that I can’t recall but…we consider ourselves very lucky to have seen as much of the world as we have!!! Lots more to see, of course…but probably won’t get to the others!! Africa, Egypt, Israel etc.,etc…. My point is, see as much of the world as you can while you are young! It’s a remarkable planet!

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