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February 5, 2017



from south to west

December 16, 2015

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Home again: ABQ

December 12, 2013


After over 2 years circumnavigating the world, I landed back in Albuquerque for a week. I was greeted first by my beautiful friends who made it easy to forget the blip in time. Next by the much anticipated New Mexican food, which was at a constant flow despite my stomach’s initial wavering. And last by these beautiful melons jutting into a sky so blue and wide one is reminded of why this place is called “the center of the universe”.IMG_1270IMG_1269

Culture shock ensued; especially when it came to drinking out (bars start closing around 1:30) and all the open space (a little eerie at first- where are all the people?). My first day walking to breakfast I spotted a woman driving a semi through the neighborhood. She sported a mullet, a cigarette and some sweet cut off leather gloves. As she pulled through the intersection I couldn’t help but stare. She seemed to notice my amazement and gave me a slight head nod, which I interpreted as “welcome back”.


I had the chance to go to Santa Fe and check out the current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. Check out Cannupa Hanska Lugar’s Stereotype series:

I also took a workshop on the experimental use of 16mm projectors with Vancouver based artist, Alex MacKenzie. Check out his work here.


I’ll be back Albuquerque.

homage to the west

November 6, 2011


go west.

here’s the website I started in Albuquerque. includes much of the work I created while there.


June 4, 2011

Transitions: Works by VSA AmeriCorps

June 3 – July 3, 2011

N4th Gallery
4904 Fourth St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87106

AmeriCorps offers a transitional space that allows members to use their talents in socially productive ways before moving into their chosen career. While this space is temporary, it provides a large amount of freedom, encouraging creativity and innovation.

Transitions include works by all nineteen VSA AmeriCorps members, revealing both their physical and personal migrations. Although they all live and work in New Mexico, ten of these members have transplanted from other states. Through their work, the group presents a glimpse into the current temporary space they each inhabit.

yashica fx-2

January 6, 2011

test roll with new camera

january 2011

Chili Roastin’ Time

October 18, 2010

Albuquerque Pride Parade

June 18, 2010

Last week was Albuquerque Pride, which culminated on Saturday with the Pride Parade. This weekend begins Santa Fe Pride. There are all kinds of events to check out.

1: Paint Blotting

May 19, 2010

Paint Blotting


  • Acrylic paint (in squeeze bottles)
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint (optional)


  • Adults with Alzheimer’s
  • Adults with developmental disabilities


To start, fold paper in half to create a crease down the center of the page. Apply dime size dots of paint along the crease and around the middle of the paper. Experiment with placement of dots, keeping in mind that if there’s paint near the edges it will squirt out during the next step. Fold the paper and use hand to smooth out the page, spreading the paint within the folded page. Open it up to see your design. If a fuller design is desired, repeat the process adding more paint. Once dry, I gave my classes the option to go back with watercolor to fill in the white spaces.

My classes had a lot of fun with this project. It seemed especially successful with my class of adults with Alzheimer’s. I’ve found that projects are more accessible for this population when there are familiar materials and a few simple directions that work to prompt imagery. Will eventually be posting more successes I’ve had with this group…

    Allyson had her show, Plans for a Noman’s Land, at the beginning of the month at The Petting Zoo Gallery. There was great art, people, wine, and cultish dancing.

    The Albuquerque Boys Choir and The Good Ship S.S. Perry provided the music.

    To see more of her work, visit www.allysonpacker.com