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February 5, 2017



May 28, 2016

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autumn days

February 4, 2016

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snow country

January 23, 2016










neck of the woods

January 21, 2016


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Recent thinking…

May 24, 2011

August ’71

“The bicycle is an instrument of experiential understanding.

On a bicycle, citizens experience their city with deep intimacy, often for the first time. For a regular motorist to take that two or three mile trip by bicycle instead is to decimate an enormous wall between them and their communities.”

-Kasey Klimes

¬†“The Real Reason Why Bicycles are the Key to Better Cities”

Autism Awareness Month

April 6, 2010

Learn more about Autism:

Participate in an event:

Check out a movie:

Know the work of Temple Grandin:

Forgotten Roadtrip

January 8, 2010

Drove to Elephant Butte for some pre-Thanksgiving camping. We also journeyed¬† to the ghost town of Chloride where we explored the Pioneer Store Museum, a restored general store, which still has many of the original items sold in the 1880’s. The museum also houses the work of a local pioneer woman, Cassie Hobbs, who made all of her own clothing and furniture. There are some great photos here.